Integrating System Improvements to the Charter School

When the state allowed for the creation of charter schools in 1993, the community united to establish one on the Vineyard. OIE immediately began exploring suitable sites and ultimately decided on the property at 424 State Road in West Tisbury.  OIE purchased the land and built MVPCS in 1995 after securing donations and bank financing. It has leased the property to MVPCS ever since, essentially acting as the school’s landlord.

As the school’s popularity soared, OIE boosted its fundraising efforts and raised money to add more classrooms, parking spaces, playground equipment and basic athletic facilities. It also updated required technologies, including alarm systems. More recently, it used a sizable donation from philanthropist Robert A. Day and funds from others in the community to build the newly-opened, state-of-art Vernon Jordan Science Center.


The school’s expansion during the past two decades took place in an ad hoc fashion.  OIE wants to connect and upgrade the systems of all the school’s disparate parts. It also is committed to renovating the original school building and some of its aging additions. The goal is to insure the physical integrity of MVPCS for the coming years.

OIE hired South Mountain Company to analyze the property’s deficiencies, recommend the necessary fixes and itemize the related costs. 

 Here are some of the highlights:

·       Window and skylight replacement

·       Crawl space and basement insulation

·       HVAC upgrades

·       Electrical service upgrades

·       Solar installation

This is phase one of our three-year plan to fulfill the needs of the school based on programmatic needs.  In addition to the upgrades and renovations outlined above, OIE aims to eventually build a “Great Room” that students can use for theatrical events, school exhibits, all school meetings or other purposes.  Our hope is that the Great Room will one day serve as a place for community gatherings as well. The over-arching goal of this multi-year plan is to insure the continued success of a cherished institution.